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Titans (Children of Geb)

Y-DNA Haplogroup E-M215


These were the Meditid Afroasiatic race of Geb/Lotan son of Seir/Shu/Anu/Uranus/Caelus. The Gibborim came from Dilmun to Punt land then the East Mediterranean and eventually even settled in parts of Tartary. Their Empire was torn apart in the Titanomachy known to Josephus as The Ethiopian Wars which took place as Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. Indeed the followers of Moses are called Gibborim in Exodus 12:37. They were generally called Aamu by the Egyptians which is certainly an attempt to render the term they used to refer to themselves, i.e. אומה or אומות. Only Seth/Oceanus/Ea and the Brotherhood of Jupiter stood in opposition to his Titanic Horus brethren.

Some of their names recorded in Greco-Roman mythology with matching Hebrew equivalent were: