Elagabalite Noahism

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Elagabalite Noahism was established by Idumeans (also known as "Red Jews") to reform the Quraysh (Elagabalite pagans) into Hagarim.

The original Elagabalites were Arabs whose Idumean priesthood was circumcised and abstained from swineflesh. One of their families produced the Severian emperors of Rome at one point giving rise to the idea that Rome represents Edom.

The Elagabalites venerated a meteorite as the House of God. The Hyrcanian Idumeans aimed to convert the Elagabalites to the idea that Rebbe Yehoshuah Minzaret instead was actually an angel called Bethel as the House of G-d. This was done to encourage the Elagabalites away from venerating a black Meteorite as the House of God instead. Meanwhile a group of Karaite-Ahbarites tried to encourage them to build a shrine in the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Sadly the Elagabalites decided to stick with the devil they knew, the black stone.