Does Zion surpass Shiloh?

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Does the sanctity of Zion surpass the sanctity of shiloh? After Shiloh people could make private altars. As a minority opinion of possibly only myself it seems to me that if a person built an altar today to bind the soul to keep the brit, all places within the borders of the lands of Israel merit the presence of a sacred altar. After 2000 years of exile we have much to do toward rebuilding our Torah civilization. Any action that the Bnai Brit peoples do to rebuild our Torah civilization qualifies as a means to an end.

Its not the sacrifices whereby a Bnai Brit worships the Ancient of Days rather its the Oath-Brit whereby the Soul of Israel is bound with the ropes of an eternal obligation to achieve justice among our allied peoples and rule our lands with intra-bnai brit diplomacy.

Just as food requires internalization before a person benefits from any nutritional value, so too and even more so the Oath-Brit, a person must internalize. If a Bnai Brit person concentrates only upon the external religious rituals of Judaism and fails to develop middot and דרך ארץ such an עם הארץ has only the sign of the brit upon his flesh but the substance of Torah spirituality remains lost and unknown.

Upon the merit of Yosef the Ancient of Days split the Sea of Reeds. As Yosef established a government that lightened the burden upon the common man so too the Sanhedrin Home Government must ensure that the branches of State protect the interests of the common man when confronted by the interests of fixed established wealth. Proper government requires judgment. Proper government irrespective of its forms of office be it Monarchy, Parliamentary Socialist or Democracy, requires its leaders to guard and maintain the substance of judgment. Namely, that the needs of the many out weighs the needs of the few. Government leaders require a disciplined character. Hence if the soul of Torah spirituality concerns keeping the commandments, the heart of Torah spirituality concerns emotional attribute development. Government leaders require an emotional empathy with the people.

The corruption of government occurs when the nations leaders develop an empathy for established wealth. Wealth does little when the people of the land daily experience poverty violence and oppression. Drugs, prostitution, and gambling produces much wealth at the expense of human dignity. Modest government must uproot organized crime from our lands. Modest government must never show pity to the peddlers of organized crime; it must continually guard the nations' interests and behead this Mafia from the midsts of our lands.

The sale of Yosef to slavery uprooted the merit of the Oath-Brit of Yaacov and his sons. Hence the place of שכם reflects not only the form of the brit reality but also the substance of our Oath-Brit responsibilities. Herein lays the intent concerning the Torah clearly written upon the 12 stones and afterwards covered with plaster. The Bnai Noach peoples have additional understanding whereby they can discern substance from form.

The sale of Yosef into slavery compares with the betrayal of the wilderness spies. These appointed leaders abandonment of faith in the Oath-Brit caused exile unto the generation of the wilderness. As the atheism of the spies caused galut so too did the sale of Yosef into Egyptian slavery.

How then can I say that I am an atheist praise Hashem?! Torah faith concerns not in religious beliefs and theologies, but rather keeping the commandments and emotional middot development. We have an Oath-Brit relationship with the Ancient of Days the Bnai Brit peoples do not require theologians and dogma. We require Torah scholars to interpret the intent of the framer for the purpose of legislating law to meet the needs of the generation and times. This type of scholarship is called הלכה למעשה.

As the splitting of the Sea of reeds required courage and leadership so too the splitting of the Yarden. From this its possible to learn that the generation require courage and leadership. Because the nation has entrusted a leadership team with government responsibilities does not prove that this leadership team shall behave any better than did the wilderness spies or the political opponents of King Solomon. The purpose of the school of the prophets , training sages capable of judging the middot development of public officials. Prophets advise governments first and foremost in middot development and not so much in shaping government strategy and tactical policy.

The school of the prophets, by judging the middot development of government public officials gives the prophets the mandate to initiate impeachment of public leaders. Judging the emotional middot of government leaders qualifies as a time oriented commandment. For a prophet, time does not determine the commandment, rather the arousal of the heart. At a moment in time when the leadership helm stands in crisis - at a pivotal cross road junction, like "shall I prevent Israel from traveling to Yerushalem on the festivals because I fear the Kingdom shall return to the house of David", the aroused heart of the prophet determines the time of the commandment to impeach the king.

והתניא רע אומר יכול יניח אדם תפילין בשבתות וימים טובים