Decisiors in the brit relationship

Rabbi Kerr, I had read before we needed to go before a Beth Din to take an oath. While over three Orthodox Rabbi's are available in Atlanta we need a written ruling before we can find three Rabbi's who be willing to do this. As all noahides are spread out and are not wealthy with a written ruling they could go to an Orthodox Shul for an oath. From a discussion with a local Rabbi in his opinion we need decisiors to spell out for the local Rabbi's where Noahide law ends and Jewish law continues. Quality decisions would boost your court. I think we need the local Rabbi's to be involved with this at least until the Noahides are third generation. What is your opinion on this? Richard

Context of Question

Excellent question Richard. I can't wait to see Rabbi Kerr's response. I would also like to say something here in the meantime from your question if I may.

This truth Rabbi Kerr is bringing out of the Talmud to us can and will revolutionize the B'nai Noach movement and transform it to a Torah observant world through a B'nai No'ach alliance with the Children of Israel. Keep in mind this is not the teachings we read from the RamBam on laws on Kings.

Understandingly the majority of rabbis would prefer to keep this information about this Oath-Brit snuggled within in the pages of the Talmud only, as it is extremely and I mean extremely serious, and rightly so. Most rabbis would not even consider to do the oath while you are holding a Safer Torah as it may forever harm your soul if you were to abandon this Oath-Brit. When I went to Israel, we did not hold a Safer Torah nor were we even near were one was. The only argument we could have with that is there were rabbis wearing Tefelin during the oath ceremony. This possibly could be classified as being in the presence of a Safer Torah, but we were not holding a sacred object as the Gamara states it.

I'm a student of this minority opinion and hope it will become a majority opinion with the help of HaShem, and I'm still learning of this opinion from Rabbi Kerr. But in short I would like to say this. Hopefully he will correct me if I error in any of this.

Once you give this oath holding a Safer Torah this is an eternal commitment and binding upon you. No backing out and irreversible. And if you were to have children after giving this Oath-Brit, it would be binding upon them and would thus pass down to their generations after generations forever. Just as the Bnai Israel Oath-Brit their forefathers gave. You fully incur the full blessings and curses mentioned in the Torah upon your self and your descendants thereafter.

In my opinion, this is what we need to do to create a better world for our descendants. Imagine If every non-Bnai Brit (gentile), gave the Oath-Brit , now he or she becomes a (Bnai Brit), and if each lived up to the Oath-Brit then and only then would it ever be possible to attain world peace. Israel (Bnai Brit) would have the Torah as its constitutional law of its land, and we the Noachides (Bnai Brit as well) would have the Seven Laws as the constitutional laws of our lands.

As it is evident now in todays society you can see with your own eyes that the current religious ideology of ALL religions in use today are totally ineffective in its current state. Evidence is witnessed as the world continues on a down a slope into the suer pits. Literally it is not working! As it is also evident that even Judaism has been loosing its strength since the destruction of the Temple in keeping its own Bnai Brit from abandoning their forefathers Oath-Brit. The problem herein lies that the Torah is NOT the constitutional Law of its promised land. If the current religious systems were working the world would be going in reverse away from its decadence. If that were the case then I would be blowing off hot air and for nothing. I would not even waste my efforts. BUT we absolutely must recognize this dangerous downward trend, that it is not getting better. SO we must realize this inconsisty and seriously consider major changes and quickly. The "only" option as I see it is in adapting this minority opinion of Rabbi Kerr. What else can we reach out to? An ineffective religious system in which the governments controll and keep subdued at all life and death? Look at the control on Israel and you will see. For now in my eyes this minority opinion it is standing mighty tall for it to be such a minority opinion.

So I say in order to correct the mistakes of our forefathers both Israel and the Nations, we must put this minority opinion of Rabbi Kerr, upon the front page of every gentile mind in the world! There absolutely with out question must be a literal transfusion of the life souls of of all humanity. By adapting this Bnai Noach Alliance (commonality), bridging the gap between the Children of Israel, and the Bnai Noach in an Oath-Brit relationship is the ONLY hope. That commonality between the two is the Torah and the transfusion is the Oath-Brit we Bnai Noach have got to give, and the Bnai Israel have got to recommit, Tsuva. Both need to in unison work in restoring the Torah as the constitutional law of all lands. Another Noachide religious movement will not help. Bnai Noach is NOT a religion!! We have got to comprehend, not a religion. As we Bnai Noach are in our current state, we have no Oath-Brit relationship with Bnai Israel and or G-d. If we ever want to be truly classified as Bnai Brit, we have got to make that commitment here and now as an individual. And when enough individules grows we will become a nation of individuals. If we wait till when ever the world will continue to suffer its self destruction, as we religously stand by and watch, but first Israel will loose its total existence, G-d forbid. Again with out this fusion, Oath-Brit, the world and all humanity will continue to deteriorate with no hope of recovery.

BUT, with the potentiality of this minority opinion held by Rabbi Kerr, the minority it may be but the potential is unimaginable, and inexhaustible, as there is NO better or clearer path to the applicability of the Seven Laws Of Noach across the globe than this opinion, In my opinion.

In closing I think that if every rabbi would be honest and investigate this with opening up to Rabbi Kerr's knowledge, to the fullest extent he would no doubt concur, even though he may not publicly support it, but he will see the necessity of this minority opinion of Rabbi kerr and realize the full impact it can have on the future development of the history of humanity. And allow this new revelation to unfold and as we will witness the world will begin its transformation right before our eyes.


That Bnai Noach currently is scattered and financially distress has little relevance. Just as the dimensions of the Tabernacle gave a vision of identity unto the Israelite nation so too all good leadership. The Bnai Noach require leaders with a vision who can form/shape the Bnai Noach identity. The Bnai Noach people have to start by relying upon the union of their own people. The Bnai Noach people need to acquire with their own funds a Safer Torah. The Safer Torah functions like an Altar, upon this Altar the non-bnai brit goy can become a new creation and become a Bnai Brit person with an alliance between the Bnai Brit person and Elohim and the Bnai Brit person with all other Bnai Brit peoples. The commitment of the Bnai Brit peoples: not to switch faith with Elohim with other gods. Not to go in the ways/culture/traditions of the non-Bnai Brit nations. To first and foremost seek to establish justice among one's allied peoples and only afterwards concern ones self with piety matters like prayer, sacrifices and all matters of dedications. The second pillar of faith has its place but it follows a set priority. Know this, do not allow confusion of this essential priority to cause destruction to occur to you, your family your friends neighbors and nation; king Saul lost his kingdom because he failed to guard this most essential priority of Faith.

Returning to your initial question, once you own a Safer Torah organizing a Oath-Brit dedication becomes a simple matter. If need be you can hire three Shabbat observant Jews to witness your Oath-Brit commitment to Cut a Brit with Elohim and with your chosen people. The burden to Cut a Brit rests upon your shoulders. If your dedicated nothing shall hinder you.