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Crete was the daughter of Europa and Asterion son of Neleus son of the pre-Olympian Poseidon "Cretan Bull" Apis (whose worship was established in Egypt by his son Agenor -otherwise known as Aseth/Assis/Archles Asehre Khamudy- father of Cadmus and Europa).
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Asterion's abducted wife Europa herself was the daughter of [[Agenor]] son of Poseidon and Libya the daughter of Io through her son-in-law Apep.
Crete married her brother king Minos the 1st (believed by Greeks to have been under the patronage of Jupiter) and brought forth the '''כרתי‎''' (Cerethites). Pasiphaë of Colchis was either the child (like Aeëtes) of Persa the Oceanid and of Helios of Colchis or of one of the Cerethite girls and Helios of Colchis. Pasiphaë established the Minotaur cult which was overthrown by Theseus direct descendant of Hephaestus son of Jupiter. The popularity of Theseus in Crete led people to believe that he was under the patronage of Poseidon.
The Eteo-Cretans of eastern Crete and parts of the south Canaan coast dominated Crete prior to the arrival of the Greeks. They may have been the "Asiatic race" or [[האימים|Aamu]] ([[ארבע|Arba]]/[[עוים|Awim]]/[[אמים|Emim]]) described by the Egyptians as the followers of Seth and whose Phoenician language was said to be particularly effective on serpents. Indeed Cadmus vanquished the dragon just as Agenor (Seth/Ra) vanquished Apep (Apophis).

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