Cave of many colors

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The gemarah, as I understand it, defines the emotion of truth as measure for measure. Judging the humanity of man requires measure for measure. The measure of our rational logical abilities as opposed to the measure of our emotional outbursts/tempertantrums!

A child at birth, at birth the emotions of a child have already developed to a large degree; not so the rational logical mind. Its a big brother/little brother relationship. Big brother tells little brother what to do, and not the reverse. ((Non-Bnai Brit)) people, embrace barbarism because they remain to this day as "cavemen/women living in their emotional caves" The emotional passions that a person experiences and/or feels at a given moment, these powerful enternal drives create an environment and the rational mind of a person reacts to and justifies the reality of their given environment. In short this defines as I understand it all ((non-Bnai Brit)) folk and allot of so called ((Bnai Brit)) folk. The essence of Torah spirituality therefore centers upon employing the wisdom of the Torah to define the emotional colors that a person might experience at a given moment. If the rational logical mind can translate and thereby understand the foreign language of emotional feelings THEN the possibility occurs that little brother might successfully rule over big brother like Yaacov did over is elder brother.