Bnai Noach Alliance

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The Bnai Noach Alliance occurs when Esau and Ishmael, the Bnai Noach people, who currently due to the fact that their ancestors rejected the Torah revelation at Sinai, and consequently also rejected the Brit Bnai Noach, consequently currently the goyim have no brit relationship with Elohim nor with the Chosen People. However, should a generation of vision arise among Esau and Ishmael, and reject the decision made by their ancestors, and accept the Torah revelation of Sinai then they too become a Bnai Brit chosen people the inheritance of Elohim within the world of (Derech Eretz דרך ארץ]]) and also within the physical world at this moment. The new creation has the power to unify these two worlds into one world. This joining to two separate worlds into one world constitutes as the great Alliance/Brit.