Asshurite Nation

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See Genesis 2:14, 10:11. The Ashura people of Melukhkha who settled the territory basically east of the Tigris which became known as Sumeria. Their Uruk civilization began with Meskiag-Asher (Ashur) (the first Horus King) whose marriage to Isis/Amor made him succeed Kish (Cush) following the Mahabarat in the 31st century BC. Their language was certainly related to Elamite-Dravidian. The names Ahura, Asura and Aesir come from him. After Set killed him, Havilah allied with Mitzraim to castrate Set.

The Assyrian house of Adiabene has been proven to be in Y-chromosomal Haplogroup G, although Ashur might more likely be represented by Haplogroup J.

According to Josephus he is to be identifies with the descendants of Abraham through Keturah who are called Asshurim (Assyria).