Asmā' bint Abi Bakr

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Asma was a Bakr proto-Karaite of Iraq who should have been the most important eye witness to ask for the complete story of proto-Islam from the appointment of Iyas in 602 to her death with her son at the hands of Abdul Malik in 692. Following her demise Abdul Malik began to create the religion of Islam.


The Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq kill every male of the Qurayza.


The Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq stage a Coup to murder Mehmet the Ishmaelite and become Caliphs.


The Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq ask Khalid for help against their subjects.


The Taji of Mehmet are fighting the Romans 12 miles east of Gaza.


Unlike the other Quraysh, Uthman is more interested in the teachings of proto-Karaite Gabriel ibn Khalifah al-Kalbi than in the teachings of the Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq.


The Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq join the Quraysh in waging war on the Mithrean Alids but are conquered by the Alids.

Without the guidance of Alazeena Haadu, the Quraysh flounder about like pagans.


The Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq are under the rule of the Mithrean Shahonshah Hassan.


The Mithrean Alid Hussein becomes Shahonshah of the Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq.


Umayyads convert to Monothelitism.


The Mithrean Shahonshah Hussein is killed and the Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq elect Ibn al-Zubayr as a Caliph to rival the Quraysh.


The Quraysh Caliph Abdul Malik crushes the Bakr Proto-Karaites of Iraq, adopts Quranic Materials and begins to assert his control over the rest of Persia.