Ancient of Days

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Atik Yomin "The Ancient of Days"

Atik Yomin is the internal partzuf of keter, corresponding to the super-conscious power of pleasure in the soul. The term Atik Yomin (in Aramaic) appears explicitly in the Bible, in the book of Daniel, connoting God Almighty in Daniel's vision of the coming of Mashiach.

In general, the keter of a world serves as an intermediate level that connects the previous, higher world to the present, lower world. As every intermediate must in itself possess two levels, one linked to one of the two different and often opposite realities to be connected and the other to the other, so with regard to keter: the partzuf Atik Yomin is linked and considered to be an integral part and extension of the (malchut, the lowest sefirah of the) higher world, whereas Arich Anpin is linked and considered to be an integral part, the actual beginning of the lower world. Thus, Atik Yomin is referred to as "the lower of the higher," while Arich Anpin is referred to as "the higher of the lower."

The term Atik Yomin, "the Ancient of Days," implies absolute transcendence in relation to "the days of the world," the normative consciousness of created reality. The word Atik in addition to "ancient" means "to copy." It is the Divine power "to copy" a higher reality or world onto a lower. Thus, the Atik of a world serves as a totally superconscious DNA-like code to copy higher reality onto lower. In the soul of man, this power inheres in the superconscious pleasure principle of the soul.

A Brief History of Timekeeping

"For millennia, humans have sought to make sense of time, to visualize it, to ride its arrow, to hack it, to understand biological connection to it. Time is the very foundation of conscious experience, writes Dan Falk in In Search of Time: The History, Physics, and Philosophy of Time. And yet that awareness has a long history of friction -- to mark and measure the passage of time has proven remarkably challenging.

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Three Qualifications for the New Politician

There are plenty of politicians who genuinely desire to serve their communities and nations with humility and integrity, dedicating their lives to the cultivation of a wisdom that will benefit society at large; sadly, they are a minority.

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Man Climbs Worlds 14 Tallest Peaks

Hirotaka Takeuchi has gotten official certification for his feat of climbing the worlds 14 tallest mountains. Hes the 30th person ever and the first Japanese person to accomplish the feat.

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Meet The New Boss: You

What do coffee growers in Ethiopia, hardware store owners in America, and Basque entrepreneurs have in common? For one thing, many of them belong to cooperatives. By pooling their money and resources, and voting democratically on how those resources will be used, they can compete in business and reinvest the benefits in their communities.

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What Is Your Legacy? Living A Meaningful life

I want the world to be better because I was here. I want my life, I want my work, my family, I want it to mean something and if you are not making someone elses life better then you are wasting your time Will Smith

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