Amorite Nation

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The Human Y-DNA Haplogroup D2 (M55) people who originally lived on the west of the Dead Sea, but were driven out (Genesis 14:7). They lived around Hebron, where they allied with Abraham (Genesis 14:13). They also lived around Shechem (Genesis 48:22). Later, they settled the land on the east bank along the Arnon River, near Moab (Numbers 21:13). They also lived in Gilead (Numbers 32:39). They later invaded the Holy Land again (Judges 1:34). Except for the Gibeonites who accepted the Torah in order to become the Nethinim, they were completely exterminated by the Israelites and others. As the Nethinim they were eventually attacked by King Saul the Benjaminite and had to escape to join their Sinitic cousins in Tibet. Under their influence, their Sinitic cousins produced the first sovereign Emperor of China Jin Shi Hwang whose followers were exiled to Japan following his demise, to bring about the origins of Shinto religion. They were also responsible for establishing the basics of Sinitic religion, calendar, and stories providing the logic behind many Sinitic pictograms. The Sapanpe of the Ainu comes from the Tefilin worn on the head by orthodox Jews. The cultural stigma of untouchability was attached to them by the Jews, Hindus, and Japanese.