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Adam Penrod has been an active Noachide for ten years. He has a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of North Texas and has learned at the feet of our beloved teachers the Rabbis in Jerusalem. In College Mr. Penrod established the student organization “AMeT” (truth) and appeared on several world religion panels. Mr. Penrod is an experienced educator teaching both adult and young adult Torah classes.

His first exposure to Yeshiva learning was at the Diaspora Yeshiva on Mt Zion where he learned with Rabbi Sprecher. Mr. Penrod specifically sought out learning opportunities that would enable him to better understand the Noachide Laws, and hoped that he could make available to other Noachides similar learning opportunities. As a result of Mr Penrod’s study at the Diaspora Yeshiva Noachide awareness was raised, including awareness of a need for learning opportunities.

It was at Yeshiva Ohr Somayach that Mr Penrod pursued conversion studies.

Although he never completed the conversion process he was able to learn about Judaism and the Noachide Laws from a unique perspective. Over the course of the last eight years Mr Penrod has made four separate trips to Israel. The most recent trip culminating in his taking the pledge to be a member of the High Council of B’nei Noah, as that body’s Secretary.

Over the years Mr Penrod has made friendships with Rabbis, Jews, and Noachides in Israel and the United States and he has studied with them over the last ten years. It is with their continued wisdom that Mr Penrod feels, “I am able to explore the depths of Torah.”

Some of the current projects Mr Penrod is involved in are: a Noachide Siddur, a Children’s book written by his mother Mollie Penrod with artwork provided by Mr Penrod, A Noachide Comic Book with art and story by Mr Penrod, as well as several other projects ranging from teaching classes at home in Tennessee to outreach work to Noachides in India.


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