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===See also:===
===See also:===
:[[גברים|Titans E-M215]]
:[[Titans|Titans E-M215]]
::[[לודים|Hyperion Ludim (E-V68)]]
::[[לודים|Hyperion Ludim (E-V68)]]
::[[ענמים|Krios Anamim (E-V16)]]
::[[ענמים|Krios Anamim (E-V16)]]

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Y-DNA Haplogroup E-M215

Shu/Seir/Anu/Ouranos/Caelus son of Mitzraim. He was the husband of Tefnut/Havilah/Gaia the daughter of Cush. Together they were the parents of the Giants, Geb and the rest of the Titans.

Only Oceanus/Ea and the Brotherhood of Jupiter stood in opposition to his Titanic Horus brethren after Seth was castrated.

See also:

Titans E-M215
Hyperion Ludim (E-V68)
Krios Anamim (E-V16)
Polus/Geb Ancient-Libyans (E-Z827)
Iapetus/Nafetuh (E-M81)
Petrus/Seth Gigantes (E-Z830)
Oceanus Cassiopeians (E-A929) whence came Inachus Pelasgians (E-M183)
Jupiter Kaftorim (E-M34)