Vayoel Moshe 2

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Written by Satmar Grand Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum, zt'l Section 139, Vayoel Moshe, Part II (published in 1961)

The Zionists have constantly fomented hatred of Jews around the world in order to strengthen their ideology of creating and maintaining their state, which is the most dangerous place in the world for the Jewish People

The entire goal of the Zionists in bringing Jews to the Holy Land has been to place the Jewish People under their control in order to uproot them from their Jewish faith. The Zionists have committed many terrible acts to accomplish this purpose. When the heretic Herzl invented his ideology of Zionism and a “Jewish” state, his supporters embarked on a huge campaign of libel and slander against the Jewish People before the other nations of the world so as to enhance anti-Jewish feelings and enable those nations to expel their Jewish citizens. The Zionists wrote articles about this, as did the newspapers of the day. The entire campaign was designed to coerce Jews into moving to the Holy Land to enable the Zionists to accomplish their nefarious goals.

The heretic Herzl wrote in his own abominable diary that increasing anti-Semitism would be of great help to his movement. The great rabbis of the generation were terrified of the horrific libel and slander undertaken by the Zionists that would ultimately result in hatred of the Jewish People. They even stated that the fact that the Zionists embarked on their awful slander against the Jewish People before other nations would require a great miracle to prevent those nations from destroying the Jewish People as a result of the horrific slander and libel of the Zionists whose acts were like the penetration of sharp swords against the Jews. Unfortunately we did not merit such a miracle, and their actions bore fruit. We all know what occurred, and we have still not repented of the error, may G-d have mercy. These facts are widely known, and this is not the place to discuss them in detail – a separate book would be required to do so. I simply bring up the issue to point out how bad things have become for the Jewish People, how vulnerable we have become because of that ideology to transfer the entire Jewish People to the Holy Land.

The Zionists have used events to blind the eyes and confuse people’s minds into thinking that the establishment of their state in the Holy Land is some kind of worthy religious precept. The heretics and apostates want everyone to believe that the love of the Holy Land simply covers over all their sins. They constantly seek to dress up all the evil deeds they commit against the Jewish People spiritually and physically in the garment of the holiness of the Holy Land.

This is how Jews from many countries such as Yemen, Morocco, Iraq and other lands of the Sephardic Jews, as well as numerous Ashkenazim who were G-d-fearing and faithful to Judaism were fooled into moving to the Holy Land, thinking they were fulfilling the greatest of religious precepts that outweighed the entirety of the Torah itself. Of course none of this would be practical or possible without sources of money, housing and employment. Sadly, supporters of Zionism made this possible; there are leaders who in various ways are aiding and abetting the Zionists. Even after they start to realize their evil and bitter fate in falling into the trap of the Zionists without anyone to rescue them, the poor Jewish immigrants would never have believed that this terrible enemy would await them at the gates of Jerusalem under the guise of living Jewishly in the Holy Land, and are blinded by it.

The “religious” parties who are follow along with the Zionists magnify the so-called religious precept of living in the Holy Land under the Zionist regime in violation of the Jewish religion before the entire world in order to pander to the Zionists, thereby strengthening Satan to draw the Jewish People closer to Zionism. View Source