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Though born an Askenaz-Gomer Zera Yisroel descendant of דַּמֶּשֶׂק אֱלִיעֶזֶר, I was raised in a Slavonic tradition as a Kalendaist becoming a Subbotnik Noahite by the end of 1995.

For about a decade I blogged extensively on the history of Messianic Noahism, Sebomenoi, the Book of Acts, Noahism as Proto-Islam, John Selden, John Lock and Sabbatarianism.

Dec 2004 Bereaved

Jan 2006 Bereaved

Abrahamson and the FBI's Billy D. invited me here, registered 15:13, 8 October 2006, to comprise the first three members of Wikinoah also working extensively on stucturing the United Noahite Council online.

Sept 2007 Bereaved

In August 2008 I met AbrahamsonAbrahamson face to face for the first time at the Nascent Sanhedrin offices where Rav Meir offered to be my Sandakh as I was circumcised into a Real Subbotnik at Misgav Ladakh Hospital by Rav Babushkin and his team.

Rav Mordechai was delighted he could finally count me as the tenth man in frequent minyans and I enrolled as as a Postgraduate researcher in Noahite religion under Dan Cohn Sherbok and Dawoud El-Alami. I was awarded a scholarship by Dawoud Bone to study Abrahamic religious diplomacy under Edward Kessler at Cambridge University's Woolf Institute.

Again at the Nascent Sanhedrin offices in August 2010 Abrahamson, Rav Dov and User:Yesho formed a Bet Din to approve my Giyur Lechumra and following Tevilah I finally became a Subbotnik Jew.

Aug 2011 Peace envoy with Abrahamson and Yeshol to Gadri-Sufis in Jordan.

In November 2011 Subbotnik wedding in Istanbul thanks to Adnan Oktar's team.

In October 2014 my Aliyah was approved by Niel and I settled with my Family in the Subbotnik land of Galilee in August 2015.

I fulfill the Mitzvah to be a priest to the nations by serving as a Pastor for Noahite Christians using the New Perspective on Paul with Rav Harvey Falk's Tosafist system; as a Matbil for Noahites in Yardenit; and as annoriginal researcher for Wikinoah mainly expanding ramifications from the approach of Elijah Benamozegh.