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Hello, I am תורת אדום. I am a Ger Tzedek and direct patrilineal descendant of E-B405 Sabbatian Khahns from Greater Lithuania. I serve HaShem as an online Chaplain/Influencer for Messianic Noahites and I have more than 1260 followers. Since the 1990s, I have been doing everything I can to understand Messianics and how they can live as Noahites. Messianics can be from Christianity as well as from Islam. What distinguishes them from Islamists is a strong belief in the Jewish Messiah (Ruah Elo*im) as a spiritual being rather than as a man as Islamists tend to believe.

Therefore it is up to us to explain Ruah Elo*im to them. If they want to call it Jesus of Nazareth then that causes no harm to Judaism a long as they reject the man Plony Yeshu HaNotzri Ben Stada and understand Ruah Elo*im's relation to HaShem correctly. Ruah Elo*im has appeared to the People of HaShem many times throughout history according to the Scriptures and Jewish tradition. Not all of those visits have been recorded. So if Messianics want to believe that one of the times Ruah Elo*im visited was under the guise of an early 1st century Rabbi from Nazareth in Galilee promoting Mishnah then that might be a crazy belief but it does no damage to Judaism. Islamists have a similarly crazy belief in an Arabian prophet who did not behave like a prophet. But if Islamists can be Noahites despite crazy beliefs then Messianics can be too. The important thing is that Messianics keep the 7 Laws of Noah. Messianics have a thirst to understand the Judaic perspective on things which needs to be quenched. They need to learn about the Spirit of the Messiah (Ruah Elo*im) from the Judaic perspective.

All of the most ancient traditions held by Messianics can be traced back to Mishnaic Judaism. But they can not be required to respect Psak Halakhah because it does not apply to them. Furthermore they are quite erudite and it is necessary to condemn Maimonides publicly for them because his Psak Halkhah is widely known and not speaking out against his Psikei Halakhah it is doing great harm to the reputation of the Jewish community. Maimonides should be presented to them as nothing but yet another man's codification of the Mishnah mixed with his own ideas. This is not a problem because there are just as many Jews who do not subscribe to Maimonides as there are who do.

It is with this responsibility in mind that I have been the second greatest contributor to Wikinoah since 2006.

My inspirations for this approach are the Prophets Ovadyah and Eliphaz.