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Ham>Mitzraim>(Ia)pethrus>Gobder>Tocharim The Y-Haplogroup E-M34 Tochari (Torklar) were the Carite Trojan refugee Uarshi who produced the Greco-Bactrian Kingdoms of the Kushans, Kidarites, and Hephthalites. They united with Y-Haplogroup N Beishanyu's Xiongnu to bring about the proto-Oghuz Balkani who dominated the Alans. They were Archemenid descendants of Perses and Vulcan Caphtor (Macedonian Al-Ixander/Tatra father of Ngrod). They mixed with the Y-Haplogroup N descendants of Bei Shanyu to bring about the proto-Oghuz-speaking Bar-Guni (Vulcan) Bulganians. They established the Ki-Dulo "Hun" empire and overran the Alans in the latter 4th century. Uar pressure on the Sabirs forced the Kyi-Dulo (Chionites/Kidara) to move to the Don-Volga region in the 460s and establish a base in Patria Onoguria. In the 6th century the Onoq Dulo subjugated the Rouran to establish the first Turkic Kaghanate before the Rouran seceded to establish their own Eastern Turkestan. The Onoq continued to grow until the Khazar dynasty split them up. Some moved west into Europe, but a smaller group managed to maintain Oguz identity on the eastern shores of the Khazar sea. They established the Oghuz Yabgu State in the 750s which evolved into the Seljuk state.