The Quraysh Quran

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The Quraysh Quran slowly came into existence slowly as a result of much redaction over a period of about 200 years. Despite the delay it was attributed to an alleged Umayyad Caliph of Quraysh origins called Uthman who probably did not exist.

Before the invention of the Quraysh Quran, the word Quran was cognate with the Syro-Aramaic word Qaraeana meaning Lectionary referring to the Miqra beaing a collection of readings from the Hebrew Scriptures.

But the Quraysh instead collected a series of responsa from a certain Vicar called Michael which had been carried as letters to a Pahlavi man called Mehmet son of Ishmael in reply to Mehmet's queries. The collection of responsa was originally called the Ahsana AlHadith. But they got re-arranged by the Quraysh into their new "Islamic Quran".

Click here to see a reconstructed example of how the Ahsana al-Hadith might have looked originally.