The Quranic Materials

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The Quranic Materials are Messianic Noahite materials which present Rebbe Yehoshuah Minzaret not as a human being but as an angelic emanation/sephira which only appeared to be human according to the rules of Themistian Monophysitism. They make many errors in theology and scriptural reference.

They begin to appear with the very first Bismillah coins during the time allotted by the Standard Islamic Narratice to an alleged Umayyad Caliph called Uthman of the Quraysh tribe.

Uthman is supposed to have attempted to suppress various ideas which originated from Mahmet Ismailian such as, for example, variant targums in languages other than "Intelligible Arabic" which Uthman regarded as unnecessary innovations.

Although the Materials are clearly presented and intended to be taken as the central text for a Monothelite version of Christianity, it is easy to identify Judeo-Baptist Gnosticism in the text. The fact that such passages can be presented simultaneously as both Monothelite Christianity and Judeo-Baptist Gnosticism is evidence that the text does not reflect what one would expect were it the sole product of divine intellect.