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This needs further discussion, as you are the first person that appears to have the same concerns as myself, in almost all arears, I am very spiritual, follow the law before I knew anyone had a term for it and have a relaionship with G-d which I want to commit to with more discipline. Where can we discuss this Noachide situation further for the benefit of all of us who do not wantto be misled, used, manipulated and left out in the "cold". My relationship with G-d has kept me from jumping on to the first leaders coat tail as he passes, thats why, I have spent many years amongst Christians not comfortable, wanting to be with G-d but feeling I had to fake something, know I dont, and I want to keep that pure.

Feel free to discuss here, or on any of the other Websites, Maillists & Forums. The whole purpose of wikinoah is to clarify our concerns as Noachides. This website is associated with the UNC and Rabbi Yoel Schwartz' Jerusalem Court for Bnei Noah, so you can ask questions and request concrete answers by that group of Rabbis. --Abrahamson 01:47, 18 January 2009 (EST)