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Abrahamson 11:08, 4 July 2006 (EDT)

The seven - or "seven" - laws?

Relating to quote: "While many additions were made to these laws by some of the tannaim — e.g., the prohibitions against eating the blood of a living animal, against the emasculation of animals, against sorcery, against pairing animals of different species, and against grafting trees of different kinds[7] — so that in one place thirty Noachian laws are mentioned,[8], the prevalent opinion in the Talmud is that there are only seven laws which are binding upon all mankind"

In the discussion of the Beraita listing of the seven laws, Talmud in Sanhedrin say that these are only the negative commandments - in other words there may be other positive ones.

On the other hand - "additions"? Raba say that one who adds Sirus [emasculation or castration] must take out some other one?

You write "emasculation". Would that include - for Bnei Noah - emasculation by using drugs? What is the difference - if any - between emasculation and castration? Is cutting - or tying - the tubes that carry the seeds from the testicles be included in the prohibiton? Perhaps for Bnei Noah only removal of the testicles [both? or removing even only one, leaving the other one] is prohibited? What about chemical means of emasculation? These are Halachic points which should be clarified.

I also feel that saying that others are "added" may cause people to think that Rabbis made this up. In the 39 Avot Melacha another theory is much more historical [and logical]: The laws were known from tradition. The enumeration and listing is a later development, perhaps for memorizing purposes. Rabbi Eliezer [who represents early traditions] "mehayaev atolada bimkom av", in other words: each transgression is independent, and the enumeration has NO halachic value. Also with the 4 Avot Nezikin: clearly the Halachot preceded the list, and indeed the Talmud does much debating about the 4, and then goes on to say that there are other "numbers" quoted by Tanaim or early Amoraim.

Therefor the idea that these seven are only headings seems quite valid. Thus no one "added". They just added clarifications about what was covered by the "seven". For instance: emasculation may be part of "Prevention of cruelty to animals" like eating meat taken from a live animal.

--Yeshol 02:49, 1 March 2007 (EST)

Great Comments. Hope to work on them, please make changes yourself too :-) Abrahamson 04:03, 1 March 2007 (EST)

A lot of people criticise the 7 as being a reduction on the 10 replacing commands not to covet, slander, desecrate sabbath, disrespect parents, with establishing courts and not being cruel to animals. While in fact, the ten and many more may be said to actually come under the 7. 07:30, 27 April 2007 (EDT)

The Torah very clearly indicates that Official Ger Toshav must observe the sabbath even if it is not in the same was as a Jewish person.