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Are any of these dates relevant to the page?


fter defeating the Romans in 610, the Ercolian Karaites and their Hagarim who had settled in Mamuca did not allow the Noahite Gnostics access to Al-Masjid Al-Haram in Jerusalem.

A Quraysh called Father Kozim ibn Ishmael converted from Nasrani to Noahite Gnostic and began his studies under Gabriel in the monastic Cells of Hira. He was soon promoted to Mahmud status. But ultimately, the Gnostic Noahites will not all be happy with what he does with Noahite Gnosis.

Gabriel was inspired to compose a lot of Gnostic Poetry and Prose in this year.


Gabriel of the Noahite Gnostics came from Heraclius announcing the decree from on high to unite in religion. They were supported by various Pahlavi families. The Ercolian Karaites thought they could use this to their advantage and went from Edessa to Tachkastan where their Ma'amad, Mehmet, Muhmad, Mahmud established an alliance with the Noahite Gnostics in 622.


The Noahite Gnostics made an alliance with Al-Lahazim in 636 through Shahrbonu and converted Uthman of the Ercolian Karaites to their religion.


Uthman came to power and promoted the Quranic materials of the Noahite Gnostics in in their Intelligible Arabic dialect much to the annoyance of his family and other Ercolian Karaites.