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Need to write this page. It should show:

  • 'Seventy Nations' as both legal jurisdiction AND national character
  • Legal jurisdiction and national laws serve to uphold justice as best for that nation (and accomplish the 'national mission', if you hold by Jewish mysticism)
  • The balance in halacha between choice and heredity.
  • The two Noahide theories in halacha:
  1. Jews are defined by heredity (except for rare converts), Noahide have free choice
  2. Both Jews and Noahides are defined by heredity (except for rare converts)
  • Debunk theories of race, per halacha.
  1. National character (heredity) is small portion of personality psychology
  2. Concious choice can overcome national character
  3. Judaism fully recognizes switching nations (converts)
  • Biblical support for 'nations'
  • Western vs. Eastern notions of a nation.
  • Colonialism
  • Nation within a nation
  • Subcultures
  • 'Foreign citizens'

Some pages from wikipedia make be helpful