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It seems to me that it would be better to categorise the seventy faiths by the seventy nations. In which case an historical chronological approach should be used. For example, here is what I have with the Sabian religions defined under the nation Ever. You may disagree that they are all Sabian religions, but one might agree that they are all religions descending from the Proto-Hebrew religion at least? Zoroastrianism shares too much in common with the Sabians of Harran to be unrelated (at least it seems to me).

ArfaHassid and the Proto Hebrews

1Ham 2Shem 3Japheth
1Lud 2Elam 3ArfaHassid 4Aram 5Ashur
The Proto Hebrews/Children of עבר

Sabian Origins

The Proto Hebrews/Children of עבר
Joktan Peleg
Sabaeans Zoroastrians Sabians of Harran Hanif Sabihood

Hanif Sabihood

While Hinduism has many similarities with the religion of the Sabians of Harran, Buddhists, Jafarites, Sunnis, Sufis, Ishmailis, Sikhs, Babism, Bahais, and Ahmadis all have roots in Hanif-Sabihood even though most of them (with the possible exception of Buddhism) do not exemplify Hanif-Sabihood.

Hagarenes Isaacites
Druzes Hagarenes Isaacites Islam