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  • ...on how the evolution of faiths among the nations could be viewed from the Jewish perspective promoting Spiritual Zionism while combating antisemitism as wel ...Ma'aminim]]. Ma'aminim who decide to use Jewish Scriptures while replacing Jewish theology with their own ideas are called [[Supersessionists]]. Though Ma'am
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  • ...ewish]] religion. The procedure for conversion depends on the sponsoring [[Jewish denominations|denomination]], and hinges on meeting the ritual and substant ...rpreted as ''ger tzedek'' by the [[Talmud]]) or a half-convert—a non-Jewish inhabitant of the [[Land of Israel]] who observes the seven [[Noahide Laws]
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  • ...ested parties. Hashkafically aligned with centrist modern Orthodoxy in the Jewish world, especially with grand tradition of the Rav, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveti ...e collects materials in russian about Bnei Noach and laws of Torah for non-jewish people.
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  • ...Not all of Maimonides opinions have been accepted as the final opinion of Jewish Law (''halacha''). ...ho have fallen out with establish religion and wish to take on some of the Jewish customs. Some Rabbis are of the opinion existing religions are beyond repai
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  • ...o includes a comprehensive list of references to Bnai Noach in traditional Jewish literature. ...avid Bleich|Bleich, Rabbi J. David]]. ''Judaism and [[natural law]]'' in ''Jewish law annual'', vol. VII 5-42
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  • From the Jewish perspective, when non-Jews keep all of the laws entailed in the categories * [[Christianity and Noahide Law]]
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  • ...mad">"Muhammad", ''Encyclopaedia of Islam Online''</ref> Like Judaism, and Christianity, Islam is an Abrahamic religion.<ref>Gregorian (2003), p.ix</ref> ...ef>Esposito (2002b), p.21</ref> Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity in many European countries, such as France, which has the largest Muslim po
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  • While Christianity appears to conform to six of the seven Noahide laws, an informal comparison ...f the permissibility of Christianity for non-Jews. (All authorities forbid Christianity for Jews).
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  • [[Roman Catholicism]], [[Orthodox Christianity]], as well as many other denominations consider themselves to be [[Apostoli ...lic Christianity'', to describe [[Christians]], who are sometimes called [[Jewish Christians]], although the term is not completely descriptive of all who fo
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  • '''David Novak''' is a scholar of Jewish philosophy, law ([[Halakha]]) and ethics. He has rabbinical ordination and Novak has contributed to [[Jewish ethics]] by advocating a Jewish social ethics drawn from both the [[natural law]] tradition and Halakha. To
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  • ...ah Parsha classes. Engaged in the teaching of Torah to both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences for years. (BI) ...f North Carolina at Charlotte. His specialty is ancient Judaism, and early Christianity in the context of Hellenistic culture and religions. He has published a stu
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  • This article deals with Jewish views of [[religious diversity]] and [[religious pluralism]]. Noahide teach Within the Jewish community, there is a shared common history, a shared language of prayer an
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  • ...''' is a major [[sin]] in the [[Abrahamic religion]]s regarding image. In Christianity it is defined as [[worship]] of an [[image]], [[idea]] or [[Object (philoso ...nd in the [[Septuagint]], [[Philo]], [[Josephus]], or in other Hellenistic Jewish writings. It is also not found in Greek pagan literature. In the [[New Test
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  • {{Christianity}} ...[[Rabbinic Judaism]], were still under development at this time, as the [[Jewish Encyclopedia]] article on [
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  • ...ha'', ''Halakhot'' and ''Halachah'') is the collective corpus of [[Judaism|Jewish]] [[religious law]], including biblical law (the [[613 mitzvot|613 ''mitzvo ...tatus law are governed by the rabbinic courts. Reflecting the diversity of Jewish communities, somewhat different approaches to Halakha are found among [[Ash
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  • ...f the nineteenth century. Rabbi Benamozegh was the spiritual leader of the Jewish community of Livorno, Italy, and a well-known kabbalist and religious leade ...counter in our time. Israel and Humanity is a reflection on the meaning of Christianity for Judaism, as well as a personal, very interesting story.
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  • ...anding his multifarious occupations from that time, he continued to defend Jewish traditions by his pen until his death. In many ways he continues the inclusive-hierarchy model of valuing Jewish monotheism over the trinity and the inclusive-mission model by placing Juda
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  • ...they distorted truths awaiting reform (Universalist/Pluralist)? Do the non-Jewish nations have a subsidiary role to play in the process of world-redemption ( Non-Jewish nations finds themselves not as part of a historical progression, but in th
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  • ...rd of Latin origin (from ''gens''; ''gentilis''), designating a people not Jewish, commonly applied to non-Jews. The term is said (but falsely so) to imply i ...their contempt for the non-Jew was not deeper than their contempt for the Jewish 'Am ha-Arez. (the unlearned, suspected always of laxity in religious duty).
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  • ...e World Jewish Congress for the "World Symposium of Catholic Cardinals and Jewish Leaders," January 19-20, 2004 in New York City.'' ...Goshen-Gottstein, [ "Jewish-Christian Relations: From Historical Past to Theological Future" Ecumenism
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