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  • ...that are missing. Eventually these sites should be broken into categories and each of these links should be made into Wikinoah pages that review the webs ..., Jack E. Saunders, who began his professional career as a Baptist pastor, and Rabbi Michael Katz provide a wide variety of information on the Noahide Cov
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  • In the Talmud, and codified by Maimonides, it is written that it is not sufficient for a non-J ...os HaOlam]]'', and he has a portion in the world to come. He accepts them and performs them because they were commanded by the ''[[Kodosh Baruch Hu]]'' r
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  • ...are missing. Eventually this literature should be broken into categories and each of publication should be made into Wikinoah pages that review the publ ...these publications, and may or may not represent the position of Wikinoah and/or UNC Inc.
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  • ...oes not proselytize, and a conversion is comfirmed only after much thought and deliberation. Once accepted, it is irreversible. ...ot the name of any specific religion but a term used to describe religions and cultures compliant with the Noahide Laws outside of Israel.
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  • to the total surrender of one's self to God (Arabic: الله, Allāh), and a Muslim is "one who submits (to God)".<ref name="EoI-Islam">"Islam", ''Enc ...mad">"Muhammad", ''Encyclopaedia of Islam Online''</ref> Like Judaism, and Christianity, Islam is an Abrahamic religion.<ref>Gregorian (2003), p.ix</ref>
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  • Within [[Judaism]] it is a matter of debate whether all Christians should be considered Noah ...ison of the [[Nicene Creed#The Nicene Creed, A Noahide Review|Nicene Creed and Noahide Law]] reveals that three major theological teachings may involve a
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  • ...Jesus gave his [[Twelve Apostles]] (for example the [[Great Commission]]), and which they say they then handed down to the next generation of Christians. ...ive Christianity in Crisis'', and Roderick Meredith, ''Restoring Apostolic Christianity'', to describe [[Christians]], who are sometimes called [[Jewish Christians
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  • ...Catholic moral theologians. Novak taught at the [[University of Virginia]] and subsequently at the [[University of Toronto]]. ...ating a Jewish social ethics drawn from both the [[natural law]] tradition and Halakha. To this end, he interprets the rabbinic approach to [[Noahide laws
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  • ...ders should be made into Wikinoah pages give some biographical information and/or contact information. ...s of Torah Parsha classes. Engaged in the teaching of Torah to both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences for years. (BI)
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  • This article deals with Jewish views of [[religious diversity]] and [[religious pluralism]]. Noahide teachings are not a form of [[religious pl ...nd exclusive source of truth, and thus recognizes that some level of truth and value exists in at least some other religions. As such, religious pluralism
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  • sin, the term "idolatry" itself is absent. Some religious authorities and groups have used the term to describe other religions apart from their own. ...h'' (foreign worship) and ''avodat kochavim umazalot'' (worship of planets and constellations).
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  • {{Christianity}} its definite form; the disputes of the [[Hillel the Elder|Bet Hillel]] and [[Shammai|Bet Shammai]] were occurring about the time of his maturity."
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  • ...and non-religious life. Hence, Halakha guides not only religious practices and beliefs, but numerous aspects of day-to-day life. ...ervative]], and [[Reconstructionist Judaism|Reconstructionist]] streams of Judaism, whilst on the whole, Sefardi Jews have kept closer to tradition.
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  • Israel and Humanity ...ader of the Jewish community of Livorno, Italy, and a well-known kabbalist and religious leader of great influence in European Jewry.
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  • ...dence with Aime Palliere (1875-1949), a Catholic who desired to convert to Judaism but whom Rabbi Benamozegh convinced to commit to Noahism. Palliere related ...amed language. Benamozegh devoted himself later to the study of philosophy and theology, which he endeavored to reconcile with each other.
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  • :''Main article [[Judaism and Other Religions]]'' the language to distinguish and describe approaches, websites, groups, and leaders.
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  • ...4; comp. II Chron. vi. 32 ='' 'amme ha-'arez.''</ref> As the non-Israelite and the nokri were ''heathens,'' ''goi'' came to denote a ''heathen,'' like the ...aution against adopting the ''Chukhot ha-goyyim''<ref>Lev. xviii. 2</ref>, and the aversion to the customs of ''the nations,'' rest on the recognition of
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  • Judaism and Other Religions: An Orthodox perspective ...y the World Jewish Congress for the "World Symposium of Catholic Cardinals and Jewish Leaders," January 19-20, 2004 in New York City.''
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  • ...use he failed to win the Jews to his views, encountering strong opposition and persecution from them, did he turn to the Gentile world after he had agreed its definite form; the disputes of the [[Hillel the Elder|Bet Hillel]] and [[Shammai|Bet Shammai]] were occurring about the time of his maturity."
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  • from a Noahide point of view is the non-acceptance of Jewish scriptures and the "[[replacement theology]]" of the Prophethood of Muhammed. The Brisker ==Islam and the halachah==
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