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  • ...are missing. Eventually this literature should be broken into categories and each of publication should be made into Wikinoah pages that review the publ ...these publications, and may or may not represent the position of Wikinoah and/or UNC Inc.
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  • sin, the term "idolatry" itself is absent. Some religious authorities and groups have used the term to describe other religions apart from their own. ...h'' (foreign worship) and ''avodat kochavim umazalot'' (worship of planets and constellations).
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  • ...very young priest, the well-known tanna Ṭarfon witnessed this ceremony; and he declares that the high priest uttered the holy name of G-d so that his v ..."two generations used the Shem ha-Meforash, the men of the Great Synagogue and those of the period of the 'shemad' [the Hadrianic persecution]." According
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  • ...4; comp. II Chron. vi. 32 ='' 'amme ha-'arez.''</ref> As the non-Israelite and the nokri were ''heathens,'' ''goi'' came to denote a ''heathen,'' like the ...aution against adopting the ''Chukhot ha-goyyim''<ref>Lev. xviii. 2</ref>, and the aversion to the customs of ''the nations,'' rest on the recognition of
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  • Judaism and Other Religions: An Orthodox perspective ...y the World Jewish Congress for the "World Symposium of Catholic Cardinals and Jewish Leaders," January 19-20, 2004 in New York City.''
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  • ...d, so the former were written at different times and by different schools, and gathered later into one body. ...ict with the fact that the writings of different tosafists differ in style and method. With regard to method, it should be said that the Tosafot of Touque
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  • ...lo applies the latter term in the wider sense of "one having come to a new and G-d-pleasing life" ("Duo de Monarchia," i. 7), but uses another word to exp ...d love His name, to be His servant, keeping the Sabbath from profaning it, and laying hold on His covenant." "Nokri" (ξένος ="stranger") is another e
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  • ...cluded a chief justice ([[Nasi]]), a vice chief justice ([[Av Beit Din]]), and sixty-nine general members who all sat in the form of a semi-circle when in ...ple's elders and officers, and you shall take them to the Tent of Meeting, and they shall stand there with you.''"<ref>|Numbers|11:16|JP<br></ref>
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  • ...cial standing and beliefs of the Pharisees changed over time, as political and social conditions in Judea changed. ...emblematic of the different responses of Jews to the political, economic, and cultural forces that characterized the Second Temple era.
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  • ...ended from the twelve sons of the Biblical patriarch Jacob who was renamed Israel by God in the book of Genesis, 32:28. The '''Israelites''' were a group of ...(with) [[Elohim|God]]", Standard Hebrew '''Yisraʾel'''); see the article Israel for details on the word's definition.
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  • ...r and body, and the ancient rabbis have connected this with the red banner and standard favored by Rome's legions. ...ts way to world hegemony and on the way massacred the descendants of Jacob/Israel.
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  • ...lly the [[Humash|Chumash]]), are an indispensable companion to both casual and serious students of [[Judaism]]'s primary texts.
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  • [[Image:Loew tombstone.jpg|thumb|Tomb of Judah Loew ben Bezalel in Prague]] ...ew calendar) was an important Talmudic scholar, [[Kabbalah|Jewish mystic]] and philosopher who served as a leading rabbi in Prague (now in the Czech Repub
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  • ...on of the program in 1999. He resides in Jerusalem with his wife, children and grandchildren. ..."The Source and Corpus of the Noachide Code", Yeshivat Dvar Yerushalayim (Israel), Author of Or L'Amim ("Light unto the Nations")
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  • ...woth''') is a numbering of the statements and principles of law, ethics, and spiritual practice contained in the Torah or Five Books of Moses. The numbe ...iblical law are sometimes called connections or commandments (''mitzvot'') and referred to collectively as the "Law of Moses" (''Torat Mosheh''), "Mosaic
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  • ...hold the first six laws. Other authorities like [[Nachmanides]] disagree, and envision an entire legal system. Still other authorities give the national ...ave broken, to various degrees, with any sense of divine sanction for Law, and any attempt to approximate of Divine Law. This is slowly being replaced wi
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  • ...lo applies the latter term in the wider sense of "one having come to a new and G-d-pleasing life"<ref>''Duo de Monarchia,'' i. 7</ref>, but uses another w ...d love His name, to be His servant, keeping the Sabbath from profaning it, and laying hold on His covenant." "Nokri" (ξένος ="stranger") is another e
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  • ...that places the Queen of Sheba as married to King Solomon. Parts of Yemen and Ethiopia at that time were jointly ruled by Sheba, with its capital in Yeme ...t under the prophet Jeremiah (prophet) some 75,000 Jews, including priests and Levites, travelled to Yemen. The Jews of Habban in southern Yemen have a l
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  • ...ntury Yemen by Rabbi Yihhyah Qafahh, and had its own network of synagogues and schools. Its objects were: Yemenite Jewish life, and which the Dor Daim believed to be irrational and idolatrous;
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  • ...those of Judah and Benjamin (with their Levites), which returned with Ezra and Nehemiah. If the Ten Tribes have disappeared, the literal fulfilment of the ...narrow passages of the river, whence they went on for a journey of a year and a half to a place called Arzareth. Schiller-Szinessy pointed out that "Arza
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