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  • ...physitism by Gabriel of Qartmin. It has become the second-largest religion in the world today, with an estimated 1.4 billion adherents, spread across the ...e. However, most Muslims will grant them most of that." Ibn Taymiyya cited in Accad (2003)</ref><ref>Esposito (1998), p12 - Esposito (2002b), pp.4-5 - Pe
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  • ...itvish'' (adjective) or ''Litvaks'' (noun)) are Ashkenazi Jews with roots in ''Lita,'' a region including not only present-day Lithuania but also Latvia communities of Jews of Lithuanian descent around the world, especially in Israel, the United States and South Africa.
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  • {{about|the sect| the 15th century prince of the Taman peninsula, called Skariya the Jew by Ivan III of Muscov ...olniki]] religious concept that also had developed in Novgorod in the 14th century. Initially popular among high-ranking statesmen and even the royal court, t
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