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An innovative approach to the Noahide laws, based on the teachings of Rabbi Moshe Kerrof Israel. This approach disagrees with the majority of Rabbinic opinion of those involved with the Noahide movement, because it assumes that the Noahide covenant was broken at the Tower of Babelfor gentiles, and others of Abraham’s descent Ishmael and Esau who rejected the Torah at Sinai offered by God. Rabbi Kerr stresses that the Noahide covenant must be remade reconnected through the oath making of the covenant ([[Oath-Brit)]]. It Rabbi Kerr’s teachings assumes there is only one Noahide faith and attempts to define that faith in terms of traditions, customs and practice. Here is a collection of Rabbi Moshe Kerr’s teaching provided by Billy Jack Dial. Mr Dial originally met Rabbi Moshe Kerr when Rabbi Moshe Kerr through correspondence in 2005 contacted him. Mr. Dial became inspired at the depth of wisdom within Rabbi Moshe Kerr teachings. Mr. Dial felt Rabbi Moshe Kerr's Teaching connected more to Torah sources than the conventional teachings of all other rabbis. Mr. Dial went to Israel and met with Rabbi Moshe Kerr in 2006. Mr. Dial made the decision then, as a recognized Noahite leader, to encourage Rabi Moshe Kerr to bring more of this teaching to him through corresponding in emails and postings, so he could use his leadership to disseminate the teachings to all the other gentiles as an alternative approach.
Here is a collection of his teachings
*[[The Bnai Noach Oath]]
*[[Is it necessary for a gentile to make a Oath/Brit today?]]
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Moshe Kerr

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