Another story, given us twice in the Qur'an, (2:28 and 4:152) is that when the Israelites insisted on seeing the Lord, they were punished by death, but eventually restored to life again; and to add to the tale we are told that it was the Torah which appealed for help and thus obtained their revival.
===Chaldaean and Persian or Syrian Aramaic words===
A few other Jewish matters. - In the Qur'an are a number of Chaldaean and Syrian words which the Islamic tradition has been unable rightly to explain, as * ''Torat'', - Torah* ''Jehannam'', - Gehinom (Hell)* ''Garden of Eden'', * ''Taghat'', * ''Forcan'', - Purkan (Redeemer)* ''Sakana'', - Shekinah* ''Tabat'', - Tevat (cabinet)* ''Hibr'', and  And such like all from one or other of the Hebrew, Syriac, or Chaldaean tongues. To know their meaning, it must be learnt from Hebrew, Chaldaean, and Syriac, for they are not genuine Arabic words.
The following ideas are common to both Jews and Muslims:—
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Halakhah of Shammai in the Qur'an

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Chaldaean and Syrian words

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