===The Mount Qaf===
The origin of what the Moslems tell us about this mountain clearly originated from the Jews. Here is what the Tradition of the Moslems tell us:(2) (Araish al Majalis)
:The Lord Almighty formed a great mountain from green chrysolite, - the greenness of the sky is from it, -- called Mount calf and surrounded the entire earth therewith, and it is that by which the Almighty swore, and called it Qaf (see Qur'an 1:1).
Now all these strange ideas are founded on the Jewish writing called Hagigah, where we meet with the following comment on the word thohu in Genesis 1:2
:''Thohu'' is a green line (Qav or Qaf ) which surrounds the whole world, and hence comes darkness.
And so the Companions of the Prophet hearing this explanation of the word Qav, and not understanding what was meant, fancied it must be a mountain, or succession of great mountains, surrounding the world and making it dark.
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Halakhah of Shammai in the Qur'an

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The Mount Qaf

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