"Is it possible to assemble a Beis Din of observant Jews in your area to listen to your declaration?
* who assemble a Beis Din of observant Jews?
* who declare a Beis Din "ufficialofficial" to accept Noahide declaration?
* Can the Jerusalem Court for Bnei Noah help to find a Beis Din in local areas of the world?
:I hope that "dinim" will be explained at this page [[Imperative of Legal System]], but it will take a while. Usually a rabbinical court means a standing court who judges who have been trained and are qualified to make rulings, and generally functions as a rabbinical court other matters too. However, the minimum requirement for a rabbinical court is any three observant Jews. I don't think the Jerusalem Court has the resources or connections to find Beis Din's in local areas of the world, but once a Beis Din is located perhaps the Jerusalem Court could write letters explaining what the Bnei Noach movement is. --[[User:HaNoahide|HaNoahide]] 18:30, 15 March 2007 (EDT)
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