===Muslim as Ger Toshav===
If Muslims are not idolators, then why are they not [[Ger Toshav]]? Maimonides opinion was of the opinion that a Muslim cannot be a [[Ger Toshav]],<ref>Hilchot Melachim 8:11.</ref> because it is forbidden for a non-Jews to create a religion. He rules according to the view that any non-Jewish religious system is illicit and the only alternatives for non-Jews are conversion or observance of the Seven Laws of Noah which, by definition, exclude any other religious system.<ref>Hilchot Melachim 10:9 (and see the analysis of R. Zvi Hirsch Chajes, Kol Sifrei Maharatz Chajes [Jerusalem, 1958], Vol. 2, p. 1036). This crucial point was overlooked by Novak, Op. cit., pp. 233ff. It is true that Chajes expresses a much more tolerant viewpoint in Op. cit., Vol. 1, pp. 483-491; however, this section was written in response to the 1840 Damascus Affair, and its apologetic nature does not appear to reflect Chajes' true opinion.</ref>
Although almost all ''achronim'' agree with Maimonides that Islam is not idolatry, most disagree that any non-Jewish religious system is illicit by definition.
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Islam and Noahite Law

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Muslim as Ger Toshav

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