Emperor Heraclius adopts Miaphysitism and evicts the [[Ercolian Karaites]]' Counsel from Edessa in the early 620s granting them a Stele entitlement to the Arabia instead.
One of the [[Ercolian Karaites]]' Counsels is poisoned by his Eisha.
After the Al-Lahazim had conquered Hira, the [[Ercolian Karaites]] sent Khalid to subjugate the Al-Lahazim in 633.
Thomas the presbyter says that the [[Taji]] of MHMT are fighting 12 miles East of Gaza at this time.
Under the Ercolian Karaites, the [[Taji]] and Al-Lahazim established a union through the marriage of Husseyn to Shahrbonu and converted Uthman of the [[Ercolian Karaites]] to their religion.
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