Under the Soviets, a Turco-Mongol group of real Karaimites called Karaylar having been worn down by religious persecution surrendered themselves to secularization. In 2008, the "Karaimite" Jewish leader David El tried to restart Seraya Shapshal's efforts in Evpatoria towards the Russian Karaimites and reached out by sending a letter to the World Congress of the European Karaim. The (by that time fully) Secular Turco-Mongol Karaylar scolded the few remaining real Karaimites who had welcomed the gesture from David El's "Karaimite" Jews.
Meanwhile Sima Babovich's group in Egypt had fled to were granted citizenship in Israel.
These days, modern "Karaimite" Jews now only refer to themselves as Karaite Jews.
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Karaimite Jews

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Karaimite Jews since WW2

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