[[נמרד|Nimrod]]/UrZababa/Amraphel son of [[לוטן|Geb]] married [[חוי|Isis]]/ [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhea_(mythology) Rhea] and raised up the "Horites" Harpocrates/Hades/Pluto and Anubis/Poseidon/Neptune to Asar. Harpocrates/Hades/Pluto was the father of Imsety, Hapi, Duamutef, and Qebehsenuef.
The '''Horites''' were the Horus King Pharaohs descended from Horus (the elder) who along with his brother Set the servant of El-Ra were both sons of Lotan/Apep/Geb son of Shu/Seir. Horites were originally hostile towards Ra (and therefore their Set brethren too) but were eventually conquered by the Edomites. Apep attacked El-Ra, but was defeated by Set servant of El-Ra. In time Horus/Osiris took over the role of Ra, and Set came to be unfairly associated with the Apep. Akhenaten tried to restore the ancient monotheistic religion of El-Ra but failed.
Horus the Elder married Isis the Na'amahite daughter of Cana'an. By levirate marriage to her, Horus raised up Harpocrates/Horus the Younger as a son to Osiris/Asar/Meshkiangkasher.
The sons of Horus the elder included Pluto/Hades, was also responsible for the birth of Neptune/Poseidon/Anubis and Caphtor. Horus was also the father of Anactoria who married the [[כסלחים|Caslukite]] father of [[פלשתים|Pelastus]].
see [[Kaftorite Nation]]
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