E-M123 Inachus/Anak/Hyperion/Marduk/Nimrod husband to [[כסלחים|Meliae]]. His Titanic '''INVADERS''' (Philistim) were born from his [[פתרסים|Pathrusite]] wives (e.g. Hera Argeia and Euryphaessa). They were a giant fair maritime nation of mixed [[כסלחים|Casluk men]] and [[פתרסים|Petrus women]] (who came from the [[נפלים]]). The E-M123 Nimrodim arrived in [[כנען|Cana'an]] to evict the [[אשור|Aesir]] and replace them in dominating the Amorite [[נפלים|Neanderthal]] Hybrids settled there until they in turn were dominated by the Caphtorim and evicted by the Amonites, Emites, and Israelites.
====The fall of Babel====
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Philistines Nation

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