The Gentile names of this nation's Patriarch are '''Krios''' or '''Crius''' and '''Anubis'''=Y-Haplogroup E-V92 (Krios)'''. V16= The Targum renders this Martiorti or Mariotai. These are the people of Mareotis, a district in lower Egypt containing the town of Marea.
Krios was the titan Lord of the South whose people lived south of the Equator. Only the people of [[Polus]] lived further south than the people of Krios.
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:[[גבריםTitans|TitansE-M215]]::[[לודים|Phoenicians of Poseidon Hyperion Ludim (E-V257V68)]]::[[כסלחיםענמים|Cassiopeians of Oceanus Krios Anamim (E-Z830V16)]]:::[[פלשתיםלהבים|Pelasgians of Inachus Polus/Geb Ancient-Libyans (E-M123Z827)]]::[[פתרסיםנפתחים|Proto-Greeks of Iapetus /Nafetuh (E-V68M81)]]:::[[כפתריםפתרסים|Greco-Romans of Jupiter Petrus/Seth Gigantes (E-M78Z830)]]::[[להביםכסלחים|Ancient-Libya's Titans Oceanus Cassiopeians (E-M35A929)]]::whence came [[ענמיםפלשתים|Anamim of Krios Inachus Pelasgians (E-V92M183)]]::[[נפתחיםכפתרים|Naphtuhim of Polus Jupiter Kaftorim (E-V6M34)]]
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