The Perseid Palestinians, forced to migrate following the fall of Troy, first harass the Egyptians of Ramesses II from Gaza before being exiled by the Assyrians to the area of former Mittani as the Achamenids whose great-great grandson together with [[Darius the Mede]] liberated Babylonia from the Chaldaeans. It is thanks to the Pelasgian ancestry of Perseus that the legends concerning the Achamenids' descent from Nimrod abound.
===Hunno-BulgarsHunor & Magor===The Hunno-Bulgar confederation claims descent from a union of Malgor and Hunor two sons of Nimrod representing represent respectively the Assyrian exiled Palestinian Nobles (ܡܠܟܝܐ) and the Israelite Ten Tribes (KunokHunok) inhabiting the Median coasts of Caspia who were sent fourth together from the Persian Empire of Cambyses into Scythia. In Scythia, they established a union with the Alan-Sarmatians of Gomerian origin.
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