E-M123 Inachus/Anak/Hyperion/Marduk/Nimrod husband to [[כסלחים|Meliae]]. His Titanic '''INVADERS''' (Philistim) were born from his [[פתרסים|Pathrusite]] wives (e.g. Hera Argeia and Euryphaessa). They were a giant fair maritime nation of mixed [[כסלחים|Casluk men]] and [[פתרסים|Petrus women]] (who came from the [[נפלים]]). The E-M123 Nimrodim arrived in [[כנען|Cana'an]] to evict replace the evicted [[אשור|Aesir]] who had been in dominating the Cana'anite Amorite [[נפלים|Neanderthal]] Hybrids settled thereuntil they in turn were evicted by the Amonites.
Amraphel refused to listen to Abraham's advice so he became subject to Elam while his kinsmen such as Abimelek who had believed in Abraham rejected Nimrod and were saved. These free Palestinians publicized their descent from [[כסלחים|Seth/Ea/Oceanus]]. Amraphel's son Eliezer of Damascus also joined Abraham. Others in the far east of Canaan along the Euphrates boarder, maintained their Babylonian identity until they were conquered first by the the Assyrians who introduced Aramaic, and then by the Chaldaeans, until liberated by [[Darius the Mede]]. Through the centuries of Assyrian domination, Babylonia enjoyed a prominent status, or revolted at the slightest indication that it did not. The Assyrians always managed to restore Babylonian loyalty, however, whether through granting of increased privileges, or military force until the Chaldaeans took control.
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