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Sephirah, also Sefirah (Hebrew language ספירה Enumeration); plural Sephiroth or Sefiroth ספירות.

In the Kabbalah, the Sephiroth (or Enumerations) are the ten Divine Emanations of G-d (or infinite light: Ein Sof Aur) into the universe. These emanations manifest not only in the physical part of the universe, but also in the metaphysical one. Kabbalah distinguish four different worlds or planes: Atziluth (אֲצִילוּת), or World of Emanations, where the Divine Archetypes live; Beriah (בְּרִיאָה) or [[World of Creations), where Highest Ranking Angels are; Yetzirah (יְצִירָה) or World of Formations is the astral world; and Asiyah (עֲשִׂיָּה) or World of Actions, is the physical plane and "low astral" plane. Each of these worlds are progressively grosser and denser, but the ten Divine Sephiroth manifest in all of them.

The Sefirot constitute the tree of life, and are aligned in three columns, each headed by a Supernal.

The names of the Sefirot are:

  • Kether (Crown; כתר)
  • Chochmah (Wisdom; חכמה)
  • Binah (Understanding; בינה)
  • Chesed (Mercy; חסד)
  • Gevurah (Severity; גבורה)
  • Tiphareth (Redeemer; תיפארת)
  • Netzach (Victory; נצח)
  • Hod (Majesty; הוד)
  • Yesod (Foundation; יסוד)
  • Malkhuth (Kingdom; מלכות)

Occasionally another is enumerated: Da'at (Knowledge; דעת)