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Satmar Grand Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum

Satmar Grand Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum of blessed memory was Grand Rabbi and spiritual leader of the Satmar Hasidic group (which in his lifetime became one of the biggest Hasidic groups in the world today). Rabbi Teitelbaum in his lifetime authored many scholarly works in all fields of Torah but aside from this and his vehement condemnation of the Zionist movement (both verbally and in writing) Rabbi Teitelbaum is best known in the Orthodox Jewish world for his scholarly work "Vayoel Moshe", VYOEL-MOSHE

This book provides evidence from the Torah opposing Zionism and prohibiting relationships with Zionists such as not participating in Zionist elections, not serving in their army, and avoiding speaking the Hebrew language that the Zionists invented, (incidentally, this is not the holy and true Hebrew language in which the Bible is written.)

TRANSLATED SECTIONS OF RABBI TEITELBAUM'S BOOK, VAYOEL MOSHE: Vayoel Moshe Six million Jews were killed as a result of the Zionists

The actions committed by the Zionists provoked hatred and persecution against Jews living in Arab Lands

On the contrary, the Zionists worked to make sure that the doors of many nations were closed to Jewish refugees

If not for the Zionists the British government would have kept the doors of their country open, and a large number of Jews would have been saved

Why the Zionists resemble an arsonist who sets a fire and then scrambles to assist the victims, who imagine the arsonist to be the savior^ Vayoel Moshe 2 The Zionists have constantly fomented hatred of Jews around the world in order to strengthen their ideology of creating and maintaining their state, which is the most dangerous place in the world for the Jewish People^

Some words of Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum regarding publicity against the Zionist "State"

A statement from the Satmar Rav, Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum concerning the so called "Yom Ha'Atzmau't" (Zionist "Israel Independence Day")^

May Jews Wage War or Battles in Our Time?...^

Read Letter from Rabbi Teitelbaum written in 1961 concerning loyalty of Jews to their host nation.

Below are some written statements of Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum:


A lecture, or rather a WARNING, delivered at a large meeting of American Orthodox Rabbis in Brooklyn, NY in 1961 by Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum (1890-1979)

Due to our many sins we see today that there is fear of public opinion, and this is a tremendous test and a misfortune both spiritually and physically. We should open our eyes and should not pay attention to the forces of impurity of the Evil Inclination. There is no doubt that __the death of the six million Jews was due to the concept of having a State!__ Apart from the punishment itself this was a certain fact, and can be verified in many books. I do not want to speak too much on issues related to politics, but every person knows this. I can remember that some fifty or sixty years ago our greatest rabbis of the generation said it would take a miracle for a catastrophe not to occur because of the Zionists, and the slander they said to the non-Jews. It has been verified that those types of slander led to the catastrophe, coming from as far back as the impure originator of Zionism himself (Theodor Herzl) who wrote slanderous things in his book that he called Der Judenstadt. It is unnecessary to retell a number of events that have been verified, and in Hungary in a court case it was also verified.

The Zionists and their actions are responsible for the fate of the Moroccan Jews, whose voices still cry out to us today. Many letters have been written about the fact that their lives could have been good in their country of origin, a merciful country; however the Zionists are always stirring up trouble and placing the Jews in terrible danger. The Torah says that we must not ignore the blood of our brother! And yet people are silent! Even in the United States the Zionists struggle to bring about anti-Semitism, just as they did in Europe. We need tremendous mercy from G-d to prevent them from succeeding, because with their slander and arrogance they could bring it about. If a person looks closely he can see this.

I said I do not want to go into political issues, and there is nothing to say about talk about. If there were not any heretical movements in the United States because they would have already assimilated, but Zionism is the source of ongoing heresy, it’s a factory of heresy, and this is a fact that no one can deny, for tens and hundreds of thousands of people, who the Zionists worked tirelessly to bring into utter heresy. Everyone knows this, and yet it is tolerated, accepted, and it is raised up in the air! Due to our many sins the leaders should be shouting out against the abomination against G-d, against this true form of heresy! Instead they support it and raise it high! They give it power and strength!

The danger for the Jewish People is because those who are irreligious and who are heretics are the leaders of the Jewish People. Therefore because of them the nations of the world are misled into hating Jews, so one of the greatest things to do would be to selflessly proclaim to the nations that the Zionists are not the representatives of the Jewish People, and that religious Jews have no connection with them. We should have had self-sacrifice to do this, but because of our many sins, people are frightened of public opinion, and if anyone should say these things about the Zionists, there will be religious leaders who will fight against them with all sorts of excuses.

(Kuntres Dibros Kodesh- Pages 216-217)

Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, Al ))Ha-Geulah(( ve-al ))Ha-Temurah((, pp. 85-86

The very act of engaging in this war [[the Six Day War] was forbidden according to Jewish law, including the coercion of the Jewish People to engage in war with other nations and thereby placing the Jewish People in danger, which is a violation of the Torah. Anyone who violates the Torah and coerces the Jewish People to engage in war and cheapens the blood of thousands upon thousands of Jews by endangering their lives in a forbidden manner and in opposition to the Torah is considered a murderer and sheds innocent blood. Such people are held liable for the blood they cause to be shed. I heard that there were announcements during the war that stated that it was a necessary and positive war according to the Torah!

However, it is clear as day to anyone who can perceive truth that the source of all suffering, including the dangers of war, is the outcome of the existence of that Zionist state, that is of no value or benefit either to G-d or to the Jewish People. On the contrary, that State is the cause of all suffering and destruction, uprooting of religion and the Torah. The Zionist government is the one who ignited the anger of the Arabs by provoking them in various ways, and were it not for the stubbornness of these wicked rulers there would not be the danger of war. Even now, if they were to give up their State and government, they would doubtless remove the anger of G-d from the Jewish People, and these dangers and deaths would not befall the Jewish People.

Every single moment that they hold on to their State and government they are reviling G-d in their violation of the Three Oaths through their provocation and rebellion against the Nations, which is prohibited by the Torah, and which brings about the severe punishment for violating the Oaths, as it is written in the Talmud in the tractate Ketuboth, p. 111: ... All the more by virtue of this wicked heretical regime that is bringing down the immeasurable anger of G-d against the Jewish People.

Even according to the natural order, were they to yield their government and Zionist State, there is no doubt that the United Nations could make arrangements to prevent war and bloodshed. How could anyone think that our holy Torah approves of shedding the blood of Jews because of this impure State? There is no doubt whatsoever that it is absolutely forbidden to shed the blood of a single Jewish soul to maintain the entire Zionist State.

However, most people err, and carry the vain belief and wanting to retain the State that is destroying the nature of the Jewish People. Thus, most Jews have fallen into heresy thereby. The view of our Torah has never changed, however, and rejects their State and government. Anyone who as much as believes that the State is necessary is accepting idolatry without a doubt, and such person considers Jewish blood to be valueless. This is totally in opposition to the teachings of our Torah that seeks to preserve life.

May Jews Wage War or Battles in Our Time? ...Excerpted from His Last Book, Al Ha'Geula V'Al Ha'Temura.

Some words of Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum regarding publicity against the Zionist "State": is our obligation to make it known in order that everyone should understand that the Zionists are not the nation of Israel...and it most definitely our holy obligation to announce before those nations of the world that the Zionists are not the spokespeople of the nation of is a mitzvah (good deed) obligatory for each individual and group to protest and to proclaim with whichever means possible and to do everything within ones capability for the honor of the Lord which has been desecrated by the Zionists and one must protest at every occasion and at all times and at every place...

(Kuntres Dibros Kodesh)

...and it is our duty to reveal our belief with publicity and in public that every Jew who trembles before the Lord and believes in G-d blessed be He, does not desire their jurisdiction of their "State" and its' entire existence is opposition to our Holy Torah and it is an attempt at revoking the yoke of G-d's rule..

(Al Ha'Geula V'Al Ha'Temura, addendum p.193)

A statement from the Satmar Rav, Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum concerning the so called "Yom Ha'Atzmau't" (Zionist "Israel Independence Day")

We must not minimize the seriousness of the grave sin of rejoicing or appearing to rejoice and making a festival on the terrible Day of Blasphemy that they call "Yom Ha'Atzmau't. The day that the members of the conspiracy against G-d and his Messiah, established their Kingdom of Atheism over the Jewish People, by uprooting the Holy Torah and the Faith, at that time the shedding of blood of myriads upon myriads of Jews began.

This is much worse than accepting idolatry because they not only accept it but celebrate and rejoice in the terrible rebellion against G-d and His Holy Torah.

There are many sinners and even deniers of the Faith whose hearts trouble them because they are not serving G-d, but they are unable to stand up against temptation and against deceitful ideologies that confuse them. However, those who rejoice in this sin are guilty of much worse blasphemy.

May the Merciful save us from them and from their followers, and strengthen our hearts and enlighten our eyes in His Torah and in His Service.

(from: Va'Yoel Moshe, Vol. II, ch.157, by the Satmar Rav - Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum)

In the words of the saintly Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, author of the VAYOEL MOSHE (in Hebrew, written in 1958) ring clearly when we view events in the Middle East:

Vayoel Moshe"...if we place all the immodesty and promiscuity of the generation and the many sins of the world on one side of the scale, and the Zionist state on the other side of the scale by itself, it would outweigh them all. Zionism is the greatest form of spiritual impurity in the entire world. They are polluting the entire world. They have polluted the Jewish people with their heresy, Heaven help us. It is no surprise why G-d's anger comes down from heaven. It is necessary to repent and escape from them more than from a lion who is chasing a person to kill him."

"It has been explained that before the coming of the Messiah this regime will come to an end, as Messiah cannot come any other way, since the Zionist state holds up the redemption of the world. We need G-d's mercies that divine intervention should bring about the end of the state. May G-d have mercy on us all."


"It is clear that anyone who believes in G-d has no doubt that they are from the source of the accursed impurity of heresy, Heaven help us. It is horrible that such a thing arose in our day, and how can we be silent when we see such violations of our faith and the principles of our entire Torah? Especially since so many of our religious brethren fail to speak out about the truth! In such circumstances, the entire truth could be forgotten, G-d forbid."

"Everything our blessed rabbis cried out about earlier in the century about the dangers of Zionism has almost been forgotten! Even my own writings go ignored. THEREFORE, SHOULD THE TRUTH AND FOUNDATIONS OF OUR RELIGION BE FORGOTTEN? It is impossible to describe to what extent the world has become sunken in such a falsehood which is destroying the entire Torah. Therefore we are obliged to cry out before anyone against the deep impurity which has spread out in our generation. Let us hope there are increasing numbers who open up their eyes and the teachings of our forefathers should reach their ears to seek truth and faith. Without this, there is no hope...."