Rabbi Yitzchok Aramah

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Rabbi Yitzchak Aramah was a great scholar in Spain prior to the expulsion. He was born there in 1420 and served as the chief rabbi of the city of Catalayud. He later passed aware in the Italian city of Naples in 1494 after the expulsion. He was renown for his works on Jewish philosophical matters, and one of his most famous works was called "Akeidas Yitzchak", a commentary on the Torah.

In this book, in chapter 26, Rabbi Yitchak Aramah states that the Decree of Exile for the Jewish People is so serious that even if the Jewish People were to terminate the Exile from the Holy land ONE DAY before the willing of G-D, the entire People would be in great danger by virtue of having violated the prohibition of ending the Exile as discussed in the Talmudic Tractate Kesuboth 111.

Akides Yitzchok