Chochmei Umos HaOlam

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חוכמי אומות העולם Wise ones of the nations, e.g. the Mages of Aram. Compare with Tzadikei Umos HaOlam and Chasidei Umos HaOlam.

Chochmei Umos HaOlam is the hebrew term used by Maimonides in the Laws of Kings 8:11. It is generally translated as "Wise of the Nations". It indicates a non-Jew who has taken upon himself the observance of Noahide Law, but observes it for their own rational reasons. Maimonides seems to imply that Chochmei Umos HaOlam do not have a portion in the world to come, although he doesn't actual say that. The implication therefore is that they will be judged according to their merits. This is contrasted with the Chasidei Umos HaOlam who observes the seven laws because they were revealed through Moshe Rabbenu as explained by Jewish tradition..

The Aramaic scriptures refer to them as צאבי֞.