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Mehmet the Ishmaelite was a Pahlavi Yazdanite of Tachkastan's Tayyaye and whose existence is mentioned by Sebeos. His name is either the Persian form of Mahmad, the Gnostic name for Jesus Patibilis, or it might be Persian meaning "Dead Moon" perhaps because of the Blood-Moon which occurred around the time of his birth[1].

Mehmet the Ishmaelite might have been the historical person behind the Islamic legends of Iyas ibn Qabisa and/or an amalgamated muhammad's central character whose Ishmaelite paternal Grandfather was Halakhically Jewish, which if true would have meant that Mehmet the Ishmaelite would have been considered Zera Israel (Bani Israel in Arabic). However, the same legends describe that he was married by Warakah to Khadijah. This must have been either before Warakah became a Nasrani, or if Waraqah was already a Nasrani then it was at a time when either Khadijah or Mehmet the Ishmaelite was a Nasrani. In either case, Mehmet the Ishmaelite was soon practicing as a Gnostic (Hanif) in the cells of Al-Hira where he met Dihyah's twin brother Gabriel ibn Khalifah al-Kalbi who convinced him to become a type of Gnostic Noahite (Tsabi) called Hagarim which must have been under the guidance of a sect of Proto-Karaites. He was supported by the Bakr family who guided the Quraysh but in the end, they criticized him for "corrupting" Gnosticism and he seems to have been murdered by Aisha of the Bakr family.

After his death, Mehmet the Ishmaelite may have been promoted by his Messianic Mithrean brethren as the re-incarnation of "MḤMT' PTGMBI Y YZDT", the return of Mahmad (Jesus Patibilis) being part of the Gnostic Christian Rasul (the Gnostic tripartite Jesus). Their opinion eventually stuck despite such fanatics being opposed in the Quraysh Quran which said no one is Muhammad or Jesus but Thanksgiving (ahmed).

The Pahlavi Yazdanists were not related to the Quraysh tribe as stated in the Standard Islamic Narrative.

Abu Bakr may have been the chief of the Pahlavi Bakr family of Yazdanist Maullas.

571 Blood Moon (Nasa)

Mehmet Ismaili's Persian name if not to honour Jesus Patibilis may mean "Dead-Moon" possibly because of the Blood-Moon which occurred around the time of his birth[2] Because his paternal Grandfather was Jewish, Mehmet was considered Zera Israel (Bani Israel in Arabic) and welcomed by the Qurayza of Gabriel.


The Tayyaye of Mehmet joined the Parthian Allies of Heraclius against Sassan. They succeed in re-taking the Patriarchate of Jerusalem back for Heraclius.


The Banu Bakr Proto-Karaites of Al-Hira invite the Quraysh to help enforce their rule over the Tayyaye of Mehmet.


The Tayyaye of Mehmet are fighting 12 miles east of Gaza.


They entered alliance with Yazdegard in 635.


Quraysh and Banu Bakr allies go to war against Ali in the Battle of the Camel.


Banu Bakr Caliph Al-Zubayir opposes Quraysh.


Western Quraysh (Umayyad) Abdul Malik crushes Banu Bakr killing Ibn Al-Zubayir and his mother Asma.