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Crimean-Karaitizers are named after the Crimeans (Karimi) who were attracted to the religion of the Crimean Karaites and became the first Noahite Karaitizers with whom the name "Karimi" became synonymous establishing Karimism (Karaitizing or Karaimism) as the original indigenous religion of Crimea (Crimeanism). But as they became more educated they soon replaced the Crimean Karaites forming a recrudescent type of the Messianic Judaism described in al-Kuzari and guided by the self-claimed Zera Yisrael descendants of certain Persian "Old Iudei" isolated by the Babylonian exile who rejected the Babylonian Talmud but accepted Jesus and were distinct from the Roman Judaeans who opposed Peter. This infuriated some of the secularized Socialist Crimean Karaites who united with the Nazis during the Holocaust to eradicate the Karimi-Karaitizers and their Russian Karaimite clerics.