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The name ChaGaT refers to three intellectual Sefirot (Divine Emanations) which comes from 10 Sefirot which form the Tree of Life.

Cha - (04. Chesed (Mercy; חסד) Ga - (05. Gevurah (Severity; גבורה) T - 06. Tiphareth (Redeemer; תיפארת)

The 10 names of the Sephirot are:

01. Kether (Crown; כתר) 02. Chochmah (Wisdom; חכמה) 03. Binah (Understanding; בינה) 04. Chesed (Mercy; חסד) 05. Gevurah (Severity; גבורה) 06. Tiphareth (Redeemer; תיפארת) 07. Netzach (Victory; נצח) 08. Hod (Majesty; הוד) 09. Yesod (Foundation; יסוד) 10. Malkhuth (Kingdom; מלכות)

Occasionally another is enumerated: Da'at (Knowledge; דעת)