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Noahides who come from Protestant Christian backgrounds generally fall into two categories.

  • Reformist: Some Protestants, through a more thorough and historical search of their own traditions have questioned some of the teachings of Protestant Christianity which deviate from Jewish teachings. They see in this the continuation of the reforms of the Protestant Church over the Catholic Church. Specifically they tend to be anti-trinitarian and they adopt a Jewish concept of Messiah, claiming Jesus as a divine teacher and Saviour but not equivalent with God.
  • Rejectionist: Some Noahides, many from a Baptist or Evangelical background have declared themselves Noahides. Some have sought conversion to Judaism. Their approach has been to reject all aspects of Protestant Christianity and adopt various Jewish traditions, albeit modified is some way.

This category refers to Reformist Noahides, for further information on rejectionist Noahides see Noahide Religion

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