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Jainism (pronounced in English as IPA [ˈdʒeɪ.nɪzm̩]), traditionally known as Jain Dharma (जैन धर्म), is a dharmic religion and philosophy originating in Iron Age India. The Jains follow the teachings of Tirthankaras. The 24th Tirthankara Lord Mahavira lived in ca. 6th century BC. A small but influential minority in modern India, with growing immigrant communities in the United States, Western Europe, Africa, the Far East and elsewhere, Jains continue to sustain the ancient Shraman (श्रमण) or ascetic tradition.

Jains have significantly influenced the religious, ethical, political and economic spheres in India for more than two millennia. Jainism stresses spirituality independence and egalitarianism of all life with particular emphasis on non-violence. Self-control (व्रत, vratae) is vital for attaining Keval Gyan and eventually moksha, or realization of the soul's true nature.

Noahide teachings have significant problems with Jainism, but some scholars such as Rabbi Benamozegh have raised the possibility that Jainism could be modified to be compliant with Noahide law.

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