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Falun Gong, (Template:Zh-tsp; literally "Practice of the Wheel of Law") also known as Falun Dafa, (Template:Zh-tsp; lit. "Great Law of the Wheel of Law") is a system of "mind and body cultivation" introduced by Li Hongzhi (whose surname is Li) to the public in 1992. Falun Gong refers to five sets of meditation exercises (four standing, and one sitting meditation), and Falun Dafa refers to a set of religious teachings. Li claims to provide salvation for mankind[1]Template:Fixpov and his Dafa (great law) is judging all beings in a process called Fa-rectification.[2]Template:Failed verificationTemplate:Or

Noahide teachings have significant problems with Falun Gong, but some scholars such as Rabbi Benamozegh have raised the possibility that Falun Gong could be modified to be compliant with Noahide law.

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